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Get Answers to These 14 Questions...

Upgrading your home's windows is one of life's bigger decisions. Get it right and you'll love the transformation get it wrong and you'll create unwanted stress and expense. If you’re thinking about upgrading your windows this guide will provide the answers to these important questions...

  • 1. How Do I Know If I Need New Windows?
  • 2. What’s The Cost for Replacing Windows?
  • 3. How Do I Choose the Right Style of Window for My Home?
  • 4. What Type of Window Will Best Suit My Proprty?
  • 5. What Colour Can I Have?
  • 6. What's the Difference Between Double and Triple Glazing? 
  • 7. Do I Need Planning Permission?
  • 8. Do Windows Need to be CE Marked?
  • 9. How Long Will the Installation Take?
  • 10. Do I Have an Obligation to Retain the Look of My Property?
  • 11. How Do I Know if a Window Company is Reputable?
  • 12. How Do I Get an Expert Opinion from an Expert I Can Trust?
  • 13. Does the Window Company Offer Aftercare Service?
  • 14. What Kind of Guarantee Should I Get?

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