Double Glazing or Triple Glazing in Lincolnshire?

Roofriendly supply energy efficient double glazing and triple glazing in Lincolnshire. So you maybe wondering which is best for your property. Here we compare double glazing and triple glazing so that you can get an idea. Book an appointment to get the full details.

DOUBLE Glazing OR TRIPLE GLAZING? What's best for your Lincolnshire Property?

Double Glazed Windows

  • More Affordable
  • Let in more light than triple glazing as there is less glass
  • Faster return on investment than triple glazing
  • Not as thermally efficient as triple glazed units

Triple Glazed Windows

  • More energy efficient
  • Save on energy bills longer term
  • Home is more secure due to thicker glass units
  • Reduces the likelihood of condensation
  • Heavier than double glazed, could potentially cause damage to wall
  • Won't be as effective if your house is older and poorly insulated
  • Triple glazing is more costly, up to a third more than double glazing

We particularly recommend you invest in triple glazing if you are building a new home or replacing existing windows. The best way to understand what’s going to be best for your property is to speak to us. 

Triple glazing roofriendly deal

Triple glazing was introduced to the UK from Scandinavia, as 3 pains of glass and a double cavity of gas stops the escape of heat slower than double glazing. On average, properties lose 10% of their heat through windows and doors, and this is even more noticeable in winter. Our triple glazing windows are the highest rated AAA+, we’ve installed 100’s of triple glazed windows locally, and helped buyers decide if they’re the best solution for their property.

We’re currently offering to install triple glazing at only 10% more than double, so it maybe a great time to start your project and install our Definitive Collection windows which are 100% recyclable. If you’d like help deciding, arrange a time to speak with one of our experts without leaving your home by arranging a virtual meeting.

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