August 28

Double Glazing Vs Triple Glazing!

Whether you’re looking to replace your existing double glazed UPVC/aluminium frames, or your home’s single glazed wooden frames just won’t last another Winter, it’s time to choose between double and triple-glazed windows.

As with any external home improvement, there are key points to consider-

Security – A triple-glazed unit is harder to break than a double-glazed unit. Combined with Roofriendly’s reverse action multipoint locking system, you’re in safe hands.

Cost – Triple-glazed units are almost 40% more efficient than A-Rated UPVC double-glazing. Roofriendly’s Definitive Collection windows are fully weather tested, and their first-class energy rating will lower your energy consumption, keeping more pounds in your pocket over the colder months.

With Roofriendly being one of the first in the region to offer triple-glazed units, and celebrating sixteen years in the industry, our triple-glazed units come at no additional charge compared with our double-glazing!

Long-term value and environmental impact – The heavy weight of a triple-glazed unit and frame makes it a stronger and longer lasting window.

With Roofriendly, you can rest assured that environmentally friendly materials are used throughout the manufacturing process. What’s more, all of our Definitive Collection windows are 100% recyclable. Why not call Roofriendly on 01522 701150 today, and explore our Definitive Collection in time for Winter?

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