March 30

Welcoming Our First Electric Vehicle

This week we installed our first electric vehicle charging point in preparation for the arrival of our new electric Roofriendly van 

In our continued efforts to support the government’s pledge to reduce our country’s carbon emissions to net zero by 2050 and be a cleaner, greener business, this week we started our journey to having 100% electric company vehicles.

Here’s Hirzs, Roofriendly’s office manager, turning on our first electric vehicle charging point at our North Lincoln showroom. This as mentioned is in readiness for the arrival of our first electric vehicle later this week. This will be the first of a number of charging points to support the shifting to a 100% fleet of both installation and sales team vehicles.

Feel free if every you’re vehicle’s in need of some power to pop in, you’d be more than welcome to grab a free top up, we’ll also supply you with a freshly brewed tea or coffee whilst you wait!

As mentioned this is a further commitment to being a cleaner, greener company, if you weren’t aware here are some of the other ways we’re helping to do out bit for the environment :

  1. All glass, plastic, wood and metals that are salvaged during fitting of new windows and doors are 100% recycled meaning nothing is sent to landfill. We have an onsite recycling area where old materials are stored ready for collection and further recycling processing.
  2. Our products are now more energy efficient than ever meaning. Less heat loss means lower bills of course, but also a net positive contribution towards reducing your carbon emissions. Thermal efficient materials such as PVC-U skins, thermally efficient glass, reinforced frames and Polyurethane foam all work together to achieve the best possible energy saving ratings.
  3. We offer a free upgrade to triple glazing which provides the most advanced way to stop energy being lost from your home. We’ve noticed windows tend to be the last thing considered after things like loft and wall insulation or energy efficient boilers. However changing your windows to triple glazed, zero air leakage is one of the best things you can do to insulate your home.

If you’d like to know more about what we’re doing to become a greener business or how we can help you reduce your energy bills. Please call us on 01522 522200 or contact us here to find out more.



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