May 16

Everything You Need to Know About uPVC Frames

I’m sure you’ve heard of uPVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride) it’s been used in the manufacture of windows and doors for many years. It’s ultimately why we’re in business because uPVC window frames provide our customers with the perfect solution to secure and protect their homes, I’ll walk you through all the reasons why.


So, what is uPVC? Well, it’s a special type of plastic that is rigid and doesn’t contain any plasticisers. The absence of these plasticisers gives uPVC frames a remarkable edge over traditional PVC frames. They are more durable, resistant to weathering, discoloration, and deformation. In other words, they’ll stand the test of time and continue looking great.

Let’s dive into the benefits of uPVC frames…

First and foremost, durability and weather resistance are two key factors that make uPVC frames the perfect solution for todays homes. They are incredibly tough and built to withstand the elements. There’s no risk of rotting, corrosion, or damage caused by moisture. They won’t warp, crack, or fade over time. They’ll maintain their performance and aesthetics for years – we guarantee our windows for up to 25 years.

Energy efficiency is another fantastic advantage of our range of modern uPVC frames. Thanks to their clever design, these frames provide excellent thermal insulation properties. Multiple internal chambers act as barriers, keeping the heat inside during winter and preventing unwanted warmth from entering your home during summer. This translates into lower energy consumption for heating and cooling, ultimately reducing your energy costs. It’s a win-win!

The other great benefit is low maintenance. Traditional wooden frames demand regular painting and sealing, but not uPVC frames. They are a breeze to take care of. Simply clean them with mild soapy water, and that’s it! No painting, no staining. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your hassle-free windows and doors.

Our uPVC frames also provide exceptional sound insulation. Noisy neighbours or traffic won’t disturb your peace as the multiple chambers and dense structure of uPVC frames act as sound barriers, creating a tranquil indoor environment.

Versatility and aesthetics are two aspects where uPVC frames truly shine. They come in a wide range of colours, finishes, and styles (download our brochure here) allowing you to choose frames that perfectly match your architectural preferences. Want the classic look of wooden frames without the maintenance headaches? No problem! uPVC frames can mimic the appearance of traditional wooden frames, giving your home that timeless charm.

Security is another hugh benefit. We all want to feel safe and protected in our homes, and uPVC frames deliver just that. These frames are inherently strong and can be fitted with advanced locking systems and additional security features to enhance protection against break-ins. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Let’s not forget about the environment. uPVC frames are eco-friendly. They are recyclable and can be repurposed at the end of their life cycle. By choosing uPVC frames, you’re contributing to reduced energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint. It’s a responsible choice that makes a positive impact.

To wrap it up, uPVC frames offer a multitude of benefits—durability, energy efficiency, low maintenance, versatility, security, and environmental friendliness. With their ability to withstand weathering, provide excellent thermal and sound insulation, and offer a variety of design options, they truly are the complete package.

In summary uPVC frames offer a wide range of benefits, including durability, energy efficiency, low maintenance, versatility, and security. Their ability to withstand weathering, provide excellent thermal and sound insulation, and offer a variety of design options make them an attractive choice for homeowners and builders alike.

If you’re thinking about upgrading or replacing your windows or doors contact us today to get a free quote we’d love to help you get your home looking and feeling stunning inside and out!


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