April 21

Extra pane? No extra pain!

Roofriendly are delighted to extend our offer of NO EXTRA CHARGE on all triple glazed windows and doors, compared to our double-glazed range, for the whole of 2019, to all our new and returning Lincolnshire customers.

We have had a terrific response to this offer, and special thanks go to our customers who have recommended our triple glazing to neighbours, friends and family across Lincolnshire. When you enquire about new triple-glazed windows and doors with Roofriendly, simply quote the code TRIPLE UPGRADE.

Roofriendly’s triple-glazed units are almost 40% more efficient than A-Rated UPVC double-glazing. Roofriendly’s Definitive Collection windows are fully weather tested, and their first-class energy rating will reduce energy consumption in your Lincolnshire home, helping you to combat relentless rises in energy bills for years to come.

As with our double-glazed UPVC windows and doors, Roofriendly’s reverse action multipoint locking system comes as standard on our triple-glazed range. Also, it may seem like a statement of the obvious, but a triple-glazed unit is 33% harder to break than a double-glazed unit!

For more information on how triple-glazed windows and doors from Roofriendly can help keep your Lincolnshire home more secure & energy-efficient, while adding a vibrant new look, call us today on 01522 701150 and quote TRIPLE UPGRADE.


triple glazing

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