November 9

FENSA vs CERTASS: Wondering What’s The Difference?

If you’re looking to install or replace windows and doors you’re likely to encounter two major certification bodies: FENSA and CERTASS. If you’ve ever wondered who they are and how they differ, this article has you covered.

FENSA: Focused on Fenestration

FENSA, short for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme, was created by the Glass and Glazing Federation and is recognised by the government for the specific area of windows and doors. It’s a highly focused scheme, providing assurance that these specific installations are up to code.

CERTASS: Comprehensive Certification

CERTASS, which stands for the Certification and Self-Assessment, offers a broader range of certifications. While it also covers windows and doors, its scope extends to other home improvement works. This can include roofing, insulation, and even electrical work, making it a versatile option for homeowners undertaking multiple renovations.

Decoding the Differences

Specialization vs. Scope

FENSA is synonymous with window and door installations, providing a specialised route for certification in this niche. CERTASS, on the other hand, provides a more holistic approach, which can be more convenient for comprehensive home improvement projects.

Assessments and Checks

Membership assessments differ slightly. FENSA requires post-installation inspections, while CERTASS operates on a self-certification basis, supported by regular audits to ensure consistent quality.

Insurance Backing

Both schemes mandate insurance-backed guarantees, but FENSA includes this automatically. With CERTASS, the installer – like Roofriendly – arranges this, offering homeowners the same level of protection.

Documentation for Compliance

Upon completion of any work, both FENSA and CERTASS provide certificates proving compliance with building regulations – essential documents when selling your home.

The Importance of Being Certified

Assurance of Quality

Both FENSA and CERTASS assure homeowners of the quality and legality of the installation work. Certification means the job is done right.

Benefits for Reselling

Certification is a green flag for potential buyers and solicitors, signifying that the home meets current building standards.

Roofriendly: A CERTASS Success Story

As a proud and highly-rated member of CERTASS, Roofriendly embodies the scheme’s values of quality, compliance, and customer assurance. Our membership with CERTASS is a testament to our commitment to excellence in all aspects of home improvement.

Why Choose Roofriendly?

A Commitment to Excellence

Choosing Roofriendly means selecting a CERTASS-certified installer that’s recognized for its outstanding service and quality. We don’t just meet the standards – we exceed them.

Broad Range Expertise

Our CERTASS membership ensures that we’re qualified to handle a wide array of home improvements, making us a one-stop-shop for all your renovation needs.

Customer-Centric Service

We believe in putting our customers first, ensuring satisfaction from the initial quote to the final inspection.

In Summary

Whether your project is specific to windows and doors or encompasses a wider range of home improvements, understanding the difference between FENSA and CERTASS can guide your decisions. For those in Lincolnshire and beyond, Roofriendly are one of CERTASS highest rated members, ready to bring certified excellence to your doorstep.

Ready to upgrade with confidence? Reach out to Roofriendly for your home improvement needs and experience the CERTASS difference firsthand.


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