April 21

Fix the walls while the sun is shining.

We all know the old adage about mending the roof in good weather, but many of us will now be starting to see the effect the Winter weather has had on our exterior walls. The relentless increases in energy bills have led to many Lincolnshire homeowners feeling the pinch, and many are looking for ways to get ahead of this issue in good time for the end of Summer.

Friendlytherm and Friendlyflex wall insulation and protection cladding systems offer energy savings of up to 30%, as well as giving a fresh look to your Lincolnshire home. With Roofriendly’s range of contemporary and traditional colour finishes, we have a wall cladding option to suit any property.

Friendlytherm from Roofriendly gives protection against penetrating damp, is self-cleaning, and drastically reduces heat loss, maintaining the thermal properties of cavity wall insulation. What’s more, the benefits will last in excess of twenty years.

Friendlyflex by Roofriendly has a microporous, breathable structure. It offers robust masonry protection from ageing and weather damage, and is available in a stunning range of colours, with something to suit every Lincolnshire home.

To find out more about Roofriendly’s wall cladding options to give your Lincolnshire home a head start on next Winter, call us today on 01522 701150

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