October 19

Heat Source Air Pump Installations Lincolnshire

We now offer air source heat pump installations to provide our customers homes with cheaper, greener, cleaner energy this winter. They are one of the most advanced, eco friendly, heating solutions available and provide an alternative way to generate heat for your home and potentially save you money on energy bills.

The continuing rise of energy costs and climate change are frequently at the top of the news headlines nowadays. We appreciate the environment isn’t everyone’s concern, but it’s something we’re passionate about at Roofriendly.

Along with providing our own range of energy efficient products and services, such as the recycling of our customers old windows and doors and of course supplying the highest energy efficient, cost saving products. We are constantly striving to collaborate with companies who can can help save you money, improve your home living experience and reduce the impact we have on the environment.

With that in mind I am pleased to announce we are now working closely with a company called Project Heating Solutions, one of the UKs leading installers of quality air source heat pumps, such as the Ecodan QUHZ manufactured by Mitsubishi shown in the image above. High quality heat pump systems like these are powered by electricity and when properly installed, give you up to £3.50 of usable energy, for every £1.00 you spend, making them very cost efficient. and you can claim Up to £14,400 back from the government.

The government has set a target to have all homes powered by offshore wind farms by 2030 (some electricity suppliers already offer up to 90% of electric from wind farms). By this time the electricity used to power air source heat pumps will come from a 100% carbon free source meaning you’ll future proof your home and avoid rising energy bills.

Not only are they fantastic for the environment, but you can claim up to £14,400 back from the government over the next seven years through their Renewable Heat Incentive. The RHI is available to everyone, isn’t means tested and an air source heat pump can be installed to just about any home.

Whether you use gas, LPG, oil, coal or electricity to heat your home and hot water, a heat pump can be fitted.Ensure Your Home’s Cosy & Comfortable Through Winter For example the installation of an Ecodan air source heat pump system was the perfect solution for a family of 4 living in a modern, detached property in Lincolnshire. The Ecodan system has proven to be a significantly more efficient alternative to their original gas boiler. They are now able to maintain a more constant temperature in their home and have all the hot water they need. Quick and easy to install, the Ecodan is quiet to run and designed to replace traditional gas or oil boilers with the minimum of cost and disruption. Using advanced heat pump technology, this revolutionary system is perfectly suited to under-floor heating and is designed to make much more efficient use of appropriately-sized radiators – heating the house and hot water for a great deal less.

Ecodan helped realise this family’s ambitions of reducing their CO2 emissions by 50% and lowering their annual fuel bills by 36%.So, with the Renewable Heat Incentive payments at an all time high and energy costs on the rise their has never been a better time to go greener and install an Air Source Heat Pump.

If you’d like to know more or would like a FREE home survey we’d love to help. Please contact us by calling 01522 522200 or emailing me on clifford.jones@roofriendly.co.uk


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