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Things to Consider if You’re Thinking of Installing Triple Glazing in Lincolnshire

What You Need to Know if You’re Considering Installing Triple Glazed Windows in Lincolnshire

Roofriendly’s triple glazing windows in Lincoln are the highest rated AA+, we’ve installed 100’s of triple glazed windows across Lincolnshire, and helped buyers decide if they’re the best solution for their property. Here we outline some key questions to consider…

1. What’s the Difference Between Double and Triple Glazing?

Triple glazing was introduced to the UK from Scandinavia, as 3 pains of glass and a double cavity of gas stops the escape of heat slower than double glazing. On aver-age, properties lose 10% of their heat through windows and doors, and this is even more noticeable in winter.

In a nutshell triple glazing is safer, almost40% more efficient than A-Rated UPVC double-glazing, longer lasting and will cut down noise pollution vs. a like for like double glazing comparison.

These benefits are particularly apparent when you upgrade from single glazing to triple glazing. The jump in benefits when you upgrade from double glazing to triple glazing is less significant, but it’s usually worth the extra expense, particularly if your double glazing windows are due for renewal due to aging and wear.

2. What Are The Benefits of Triple Glazing

The energy efficiency of a window is measured by the U-Value. The lower the U-Value, the better. Single glazed windows have a U-Value of 5. Double glazing has a U-Value of around 1-3, depending on the age of the double glazing. Triple glazing has a U-Value or 0. This actually beats the U-Value of walls. Your walls have a U-Value of around 0.3. This means the ‘payback period’ for triple glazing is generally much quicker than that obtained from single or double glazing

As a result, triple glazing is becoming more popular in the UK these days and more customers are choosing to take advantage of the benefits. However it’s possible for some lower quality triple glazing to be less energy efficient than good quality double glazing.

So it’s not necessarily a straightforward decision, they come at a premium and it’s fair to say that there are considerations to make when choosing either a double or triple glazed option for your new windows. Here’s the pros and cons of double & triple glazing:

We particularly recommend you invest in triple glazing if you are building a new home or replacing existing windows anyway, The best way to understand what’s going to be best for your property is to speak to an expert, such as Roofriendly.

3. Do I Need Planning Permission?

You don’t need planning permission for replacement windows, but if you’re in a conservation area or your property is listed, there may be restrictions on what type or style of window you can have. If you’re unsure give us a call or check with your local authority for guidance.

Replacing windows comes under the scope of the Building Regulations, which are designed to ensure safety, energy-efficiency and adequate ventilation. If you need more advice on your home get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you answer this question if you’re still unclear.

4. Will Installing Triple Glazing in Lincolnshire Cause Overheating in the Summer?

This is a common misconception, the level of solar gain is actually less than a double glazed unit due to the extra pane of glass and cavity. The overall energy balance of a triple glazed window will ensure that more heat is retained in the room in the colder months of the year. This can cause a small problem in the winter months as the external pane of glass is not being heated from the house and this will result in external condensation in certain conditions. This will generally happen on a cold, clear and still winter’s nights and will normally clear quickly in the morning. Further information can be found on our Condensation webpage.

5. How Long Will The Installation Take?

Typically, you can expect to have your new windows installed about 4-6 weeks after ordering, but the wait time is different with every company.This can be due to a variety of factors, including manufacturing complexity and arranging any planning permission, as well as popularity of the company and seasonality. As long as the company is responsive and communicates at every step of the process, it is the sign of a good service.

The time it takes to install a window depends on how many windows and other home improvements you’re having installed at the same time. A single window can take anywhere from 3 hours to install, to a day for a full house of windows. Call us for a quote and we’ll give you an estimated installation time.

6. Will Triple Glazing Save Me Money? 

Triple glazing is obviously more expensive than double glazing, but as a comparison it does not add much more than 25% to the double glazed costs. This would work out at about £80-£100 on an average size window. Here’s a summary of their energy efficiency credentials :

  • 40mm sealed units filled with two 16mm cavities of argon gas. Argon gas is heavier than air, so acts as an insulator
  • Warm edge spacer bars made from a composite material to stop the cold-bridge across the unit.
  • Two coatings of low-emissivity glass (Low E). This is a microscopically thin coating that stops the heat from your house going outside.
  • Internally glazed windows offer added security and prevents the removal of the glass from the outside.
  • Available in the Veka & Residence 9 and Residence 7 systems as a 44mm unit. 

Triple Glazing Manufactured with the Swisspacer Ultimate

Widely regarded as “The Ultimate Warm-Edge Spacer”, the Swisspacer Ultimate sets a new benchmark for spacers (the bars that keep the units together) in energy efficiency, comfort and dimensional stability. This spacer bar improves on the previous Swisspacer V by 20% (reduced thermal conductivity)

  • Strong and rigid structure of spacer bar – ideal for triple glazed sealed units
  • High tech gas barrier stops moisture getting in and the insulating gas getting out
  • Also used on our double glazed units

Get a Free Quote and Professional Advice for Your Project

We are currently offering to install triple glazing at only 10% more than double, so it maybe a great time to start your project and install our Definitive Collection windows which are 100% recyclable. 

We’re rated 9.8 on Certass, the UK’s largest trade body for the glazing industry (see our reviews here) so rest assured you’re in great hands if you decide to choose Roofriendly.

If you’d like help deciding, arrange a time to speak with one of our experts without leaving your home by arranging a virtual meeting.



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