November 30

Is it worth getting triple glazed windows?

It is with Roofriendly’s big subsidies on triple glazed units! It seems a long time ago now, but Roofriendly were among the first home improvements companies in the region to add triple glazing to our product catalogue.

We pride ourselves in always offering our customers a range of products that reflects the technological advancements in our industry, with triple glazing representing the biggest step forward since we were founded in 2002.

Since then, our portfolio of delighted customers has kept on growing, with new triple glazing installations every week in and around Lincolnshire.

Triple glazed windows, doors, patio doors and conservatories – all delivering a 40% increase on energy efficiency compared to double glazing. A triple glazed unit offers the lowest U-value of any domestic window on the market today.

The additional pane of glass, as you would expect, enhances the noise reduction benefit, and the weightier triple glazed pane by definition offers more peace of mind from a security aspect, with it being exceptionally difficult to break through for a potential intruder. But here’s the problem most people encounter – the higher cost of triple glazing when compared to double glazed panes is generally the determining factor for most people in the market for replacement UPVC windows, doors and conservatories.

Ordinarily, even with the advanced thermal efficiency the extra pane brings, it can take far too long for the difference in price to be recouped by the user on energy savings…just not with Roofriendly! We offer big subsidies on triple glazed units, just call 01522 701150 for more details.

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