September 27

Looking Good, Keeping Warm

Autumn weather is here, and the elements are already making their presence felt. Energy bills are on the rise, and Winter damage is just around the corner for your home’s walls.

Here at Roofriendly, we’ve got the ideal long-term solutions for both problems. Our new Friendlytherm and Friendlyflex wall insulation and protection systems offer energy savings of up to 30%, as well as freshening up your home’s appearance. With a range of traditional or contemporary colour finishes, you’re sure to find a look to suit you.

Friendlytherm gives protection against penetrating damp, is self-cleaning, and drastically reduces heat loss, maintaining the thermal properties of cavity wall insulation. What’s more, the benefits will last in excess of twenty years.

Friendlyflex’s microporous, breathable structure offers masonry protection from ageing and weather damage, and is available in a stunning range of colours, with something for every home.

Once again, Roofriendly are leading the way with innovative energy saving products, for people like you in and around Lincolnshire. Why not call today on 01522 701150, and take the first step toward a fresh Autumn look for your home?

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