December 15

Between you, me and the wall…Winter is here!

Once again, we’ve reached that time of year when our lawns are covered with leaves, the de-icer is ready each morning and our homes’ walls are starting to absorb the first wave of Winter weather.

With heating bills creeping up, our thoughts naturally turn to ways to keep the elements at bay and keeping more heat- and cash! – inside rather than out.

Roofriendly have installed our wall insulation and waterproofing protection products to hundreds of Lincolnshire homes, saving our customers thousands of pounds on energy bills and potentially expensive remedial work.

Friendlytherm from Roofriendly offers average energy savings of 30% and often greater with older, more porous brickwork. An self-cleaning insulation solution for solid walls, with a minimum 20-year lifespan, Friendlytherm is water-repellent and UV-resistant

What’s more, the reduced VAT rate of 5% on Energy Saving Measures (ESM) –  when installed by Roofriendly helps you protect your walls with Friendlytherm for a lower initial outlay.

Friendlyflex from Roofriendly is a waterproofing solution for all seasons- remember, not all British Summers are like 2018’s! Friendlyflex is a 100% waterproof coating for any wall and is fully elastic, giving optimal performance and protection against penetrating damp for your walls, in any weather.

Available in a range of traditional or contemporary colourfast shades, Friendlyflex has freshened up the appearance of hundreds of Lincolnshire homes, complementing 100% waterproofing with a stylish finish.

If you want those Winter nights by the fireside to be warmer and cosier for years to come, call Roofriendly today on 01522 701150 and explore our wall insulation and water protection options.

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